Automated Slide Scanner

CytoCube-R1 from ShanMukha is an automated microscopy unit for image capture from peripheral blood smears, wet mounts, and microfluidic devices for medical diagnosis. Our device has a high-resolution imaging capability with precise motorized actuator modules. It comes with user-friendly features like autofocusing, automated scanning, and capabilities to counter surface undulations on a peripheral blood smear.

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Features & Specifications

Digitize your glass slides and review them on a PC

Whole Slide: 75 mm x 25 mm
Imaging Time: 16 mins
Mechanical Stage and movement

Easy to use controls to navigate and choose desired area on the glass slide to be imaged

Magnification : Optical 40X Resolution: 0.78 um
Illumination: 3 Watt White LED
Image Sensor: CMOS
Number of pixels: 1.3 MP

Compact size. Portable

Dimensions (L x W x H): 460 mm x 300 mm x 430 mm