ShanMukha Innovations deals with developing Innovative Technologies & Products in the application areas such as Healthcare and Environmental Sensing.

ShanMukha’s Vision

To make Clinical Diagnostics Pain-less, User-friendly, Affordable, Instantaneous, Accurate, and Self-performable – Anywhere by Anyone
To make Clinical Diagnostics suitable for Mass-Screening and Early Detection of Deadly Diseases by developing highly sensitive Point-of-Care Diagnostic Devices.
To make Environmental Sensing (Testing of Water Quality, Air Quality, Soil Quality, Food Quality, Milk Quality etc.) Easy and Effortless task for every individual consumer by developing Affordable, Automated and Miniaturized Point-of-Care Sensing Devices.

ShanMukha’s Mission

Developing Novel Optofluidic (synergistic combination of Optics and Microfluidics) Technologies and Products Developing Innovative Microfluidic-Nanotechnology Microfluidic Technologies for Nanoparticle Synthesis and their use in Sensing of various Analytes) Products

ShanMukha's Values

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01. “A method and a composition for rapid nanorice formation”, S.C.G. Kiruba Daniel, Varun S. and Sai Siva Gorthi, Indian Patent Application No: 201641037832.
02. "Methods of using a FRA for nanoparticle synthesis leading to detection of analyte", S.C.G. Kiruba Daniel, Varun S., and Sai Siva Gorthi, Indian Patent Application No: 201641039885.
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Journal Publications

01. Microfluidics based Handheld Nanoparticle Synthesizer, S.C.G. Kiruba Daniel, Lourdes Albina Nirupa and Sai Siva Gorthi
Journal of Cluster Science; DOI:10.1007/s10876-016-1120-x [Impact factor: 1.6] Read More

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Dr. Sai Siva Gorthi
Founding Director
+91-900 897 4499

Kapil Rawat
Member of Technical Staff

Jyothi J.
Operational Manager

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